Midbay Electric – One Energy Solutions Project Submission

Sales Support Number : 1-855-820-7707

Customer Support Number: 1-855-479-5504

Customer Must Sign Install Agreement- Make sure to match Name and Address exactly as it is on the Loan Docs or you will be required to get docs resigned.

Key Points:

  • Make sure systems are properly sized. If we see you undersized or oversold a system, your project will not be accepted and you will need to go back and sell the correct system size. Honest Sales will make sure the company is here for the long term.
  • Max PPW for Solar Only Including adders is $6.25 Net. All adders will be audited and if the adder is not required there will be a change document required for customer to sign.
  • Ensure the usage on the design is accurate. When we analyze the customer bill we will determine if the system was sold accurately or inaccurately. Make sure to take into consideration any discount rates when calculating the customer annual usage. If you do not know how to properly calculate usage. Contact the utility or login on the the customer online account to get the accurate usage for this customer.
  • Welcome Video Must be Done Here is the Link to Welcome Video and Passcode is: SolarSales


  • Email Photos to Sitephotos@rizeelectric.net Be sure to include the customer name and phone number in the email you send so we know who the photos belong to
  • Or you can easily create a google drive folder with all of the required photos below and share the drive with admin@midbayelectric.com
Site Survey Information
  • All pages of utility bill, front and back

    Required for PTO process

    Sample Utility Bill Sample Utility Bill
  • Mortgage statement, deed, or property tax statement

    Needed for finance company stipulations

    Sample Mortgage Statement
  • Clear picture of valid ID or DL

    For finance company verification

    Sample ID
  • Trust document (if applicable)

    Needed by loan company for properties in a trust

    Sample Trust Document
  • Photos as in the “SAMPLE Site Survey Pics”

    For roof, electrical panel, meter, and breaker details

    Sample Site Survey Photo Sample Site Survey Photo
  • Add-on system details (if applicable)

    For engineering assessment and inverter selection

    Sample Add-on System

Confirm AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction)

Verify online or via telephone for accurate requirements

Engineering submission only possible with complete information